DIY Mini Excavator Track Replacement

If you own a mini excavator, you are probably enjoying the freedom it gives you when it comes to doing some little landscaping jobs and other cleaning jobs around your yard. There is no longer need to go out and hire people to do simple task around you yard when you can hop on your excavator and within minutes do a clean and perfect job.

As you make use of your excavator, you will also need to properly maintain it. It will have o be in the best possible shape if you are enjoy using it for a long time. While most forms of maintenance may require getting expert help. There are other things that are possible to be done by you without need to be technically trained. One of such things is the changing the rubber tracks. These do not require a lot of expertise. All that is needed is to have the right tools and employ the right safety procedures. The main tool you may need is a wrench and probably a bit of grease. Then you will also need to get some other person to help you in the process. The different steps for carrying out such an operation are outlined below.

Step 1: Releasing the track

Use the wrench to remove the grease fitting. Also to release the track tension, the idler you will have to collapse by stepping on the bottom part of the track. It will be a good idea to use this opportunity to check if there is need to replace the grease fitting. By tipping the front blade, the track will tip upwards and the machine can be rotated to make it be lifted. This should cause the track to be suspended. For safety purposes, ask the person you are working with to place supports that are heavy enough under the machine.

Step 2: Removing the track

Once this is done, you may manually try to remove the end of the track in the sprocket teeth. If it fails to come out, you may have to start the engine of the excavator. Move the machine slightly forward and the track will come off the teeth. Remove the track from the machine using lifting equipment.

Step 3: Installing new tracks

With the old tracks out, bring the new tracks and hook it to the sprocket teeth. You may need the help of your work partner. Ask your partner to move the track into position as you push the pry bar. Allow the track to run for a while to ensure that it is working properly. After you are sure that all is working well, remove any support that you were using and replace the front and back the track to their original position.