Kitchen Essentials For A Smart Kitchen

You will need an endless list of items to stay smart amidst the hustle bustle of your kitchen. There are little things which are ten times useful than you would ever think of. So you might not have these items in your kitchen. Here are some of such life savers we have identified.

Measuring cups and spoons

If you are trying out a new recipe, you cannot use your cereal bowl and get messed up. Proper measuring cups and spoons are a must for your kitchen. To follow almost any new recipe you have to measure the ingredients inch perfectly. So buy a nice set of measuring cups and spoons for your kitchen.


At least once a month, pasta is cooked in every typical kitchen. We usually use a pot lid to drain pasta and it has become a habit. But how many times it has failed you and slip pasts all over the sink? That is why you should have a “Colander” which can drain water perfectly.

Vegetable peeler

We can peel veggies with a knife but it is not the best practice of the chef. Because chances are there you will get your fingers cut easily instead of the veggie. But if you have a vegetable peeler, you can peel vegetables like a pro. Plus you can use it for hard cheese varieties such as Parmesan.

Paper towel dispenser

Most of us are using paper towels instead of cloths because of convenience. When you are using a pack of paper towels, it is always recommended to use a multifold paper towel dispenser to eliminate the wastage of paper towels. Food storage containers To stock your leftovers and even to keep chopped vegetables, you must have storage containers. Buy a set of containers in different sizes with un-detachable lids. Unless otherwise the tops will vanish into thin air within two three days.

Hand sanitiser

Though this isn’t a kitchen gadget, it is an essential item in kitchen. Your hands encounter with different things and easily get exposed to germs and dirt. So next time you shop for groceries buy a hand sanitiser bulk of several bottles as you will run of them quickly.

Can opener

You will realize how annoying it is when you get a can of sardine and you find no can opener to open it. Some canned items comes with a handy pop-top but many still come with the traditional top. As it is always better stay prepared, buy a can opener for your kitchen.

Wooden chopping board

A durable chopping board cannot go missing in any kitchen. If you still do not have any, go for a fine wooden one and it is indeed a great investment for your home kitchen.

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