A Quick Guide On How To Select The Right Tools To Weigh An Aircraft

Aircrafts comes in all shapes and sizes so it is important that you measure the weight and balance of these planes. It is necessary whenever you need to do any installation, repairs and modifications as it is a pre requisite in any maintenance work. Regardless of size these planes they look huge to a normal person and weighing seem like an impossible task. Luckily there are equipment’s out there that would assist you in this matter. However, the type of equipment you choose to select is important as it needs to satisfy the requirement of the operator’s needs and how it supports any equipment that the operator already has. So here is a quick guide on how to select the right tool to weigh these planes.


The general rule when it comes to weighing planes is that anything below 10,000 pounds will be categorised under as 1 pound count and this figure increases every 10,000 pounds. This is called a count resolution and it makes life a lot easier when figuring out the weight.


Ensure that you get scales that can withstand the weight of a heavy plane. This is done by a lot technicians who think that the wider or bigger the scale the better it is for all sizes. This is not true as it does not give you the accurate reading of weight and balance. Some even prefer platform weigh systems because it means you just have to load the plane on to a platform and weigh it. This again is a problem because these planes can be too big to get in onto these platforms. So it important that your aircraft wing jacks is sufficiently able to support the weigh scales you use.


There are a lot of things to consider before weighing such as weight, jack point and tire size. If you using a jack system to weigh then it is crucial find the right size that can it can fit into. For example having the right cheap aircraft jacks for sale size is important because wing sizes and weight differs to. If you are using a platform then consider the tire size and also whether you can keep the plane from actually moving while weighing. It is advisable that you read the manuals of the tools you are about to use as it can save you a lot of time.So it is imperative that you choose the right scale that can actually weight these planes and take accurate readings. Remember these aircrafts are built to ensure the safety of whoever is going to be in it and that means having the right amount of weight for it to fly. In this business you have to be 100% accurate because the consequences can be dire.

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