Starting Your Own Designer Jewellery Business

If you are currently in between jobs or looking to earn some extra cash, you could consider opening up your own small home based business. If you have an unexplored creative side you would want to discover, you may consider starting your own home based designer jewellery business. Jewellery is a low cost, fast selling product that you can store easily as opposed to perishables like baked goods thus, is a great side line to explore.

Creating your jewellery

When designing your jewellery, be as creative as you would like. Choose items to include in your jewellery that has never been considered as jewellery. You may create braided jewellery with colourful beading or design metal jewellery that you could hire a forging company to help bring together.

With your braided jewellery collection, consider bright and vivid colours of beading and string. As opposed to the past when matching colours and matching clothing was popular, today youngsters are choosing to wear contrasting vivid colours. Additionally, black and shades of gold are becoming popular. Design your jewellery in batches of matching jewellery which you will then be able to market as a collection, increasing your chances of selling more than one piece to an individual customer. 

With your metal jewellery collection, you may start collecting a range of unusual items that are unlikely to be generally used in jewellery such as metal washers, keys and small padlocks. Design a collection that combines these different items in a way that is meaningful and ask the forging company to bring them to life for you. In addition to this, they are likely to have scrap metal at their own factories that they are disposing of that you may use for another entirely new range of jewellery.

Marketing your jewellery

It should be fairly easy to get the word out about your new jewellery collection. You may not need to invest any money in marketing your product as jewellery being a fast selling product, will sell out fairly fast from your own social media accounts. Create accounts for your new jewellery business on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and get a few of your friends and family involved in asking their own friends to “like” and follow your pages. While you are doing this, take a number of creative pictures of your jewellery and upload it to your new social media accounts. Initiate your pictures going viral by creating a number of competitions for fans to win your jewellery online by simply sharing the images with their own friends and encouraging them to “like” and subscribe to your pages.