Tips For Making Your Home An Energy Efficient One

With the ever-increasing growth of the global population, the negative impact on the environment by human activities has also increased. The current 7.3 billion population is predicted to go up to a staggering 9.7 billion by the year 2050. Each year leaders from countries around the world get together to make decisions and strategies on how to minimize the negative impact on the nature in order to preserve this planet for the future generations. No matter what steps these nations initiate, if we as the citizens do not play our roles by working towards becoming eco-friendly households, no real improvements can be made. This article contains a few great ways in which you can convert you home in to an eco-friendly one, that is affecting the environment in a positive manner.

Minimize purchases

Carbon footprint of a home is the quantified amount of carbon added to the atmosphere by the activities of the members of a household and for every item purchased by every member, its carbon footprint will go up. As much as you can try to keep the purchases to a minimum, especially of resource intensive products that come heavily packed. For instance, if there are broken ovens at home, oven repairs Fremantle must be done instead of simply purchasing new ones.

An automatic thermostat

Especially if you live in an extremely cold or hot area and left the thermostat temperature unattended throughout the day, despite of making the necessary adjustments to reduce the energy usage. An automatic thermostat will adjust the temperature according to your choice and reduce the unwanted wastage of energy used by heaters and air conditioners. By investing a very small amount of money you can purchase an automatic thermostat which can be installed with the help of an professional electrician which will help you make significant savings on the month end electricity bill.

Insulate the house

It has been estimated that at least 10% of the energy consumed by a household within a year is because of the energy losses resulting from poor insulation. A poorly insulated house will let the heat and air from the outside seep into the house, creating the need to utilize the heaters and air conditioners excessively. Investing on a house insulation project can be considerably expensive, however it will pay off in less than 5 years because of all the energy savings.

Smart power strips

Smart power strips are a great method of minimizing the loads of energy used up by energy vampires, which are the appliances such as mobile phone chargers which, when left connected to the power slot, even when it is not connected to the mobile phone, will silently consume energy. Smart power strips do this by detecting the demand for energy and cuts down the supply as soon as it senses a drop.

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